Our Purpose

Why we do what we do...

Our founder grew up in South Africa, a country widely recognised as the Rainbow Nation after Nelson Mandela peacefully led the country to a racially unified future. Growing up during this tumultuous time in South Africa gave us a front row seat to witnessing the injustice of segregation and the impact of oppression on a nation. Despite the peaceful transition, the practicalities of a Rainbow Nation remain aspirational in many ways to this day, how does one erase generations of exclusion to good education in one generation for example? 

One can't simply wave a magic wand over such injustices, but we can eradicate them, make them EXTINCT for future generations. This is why DeJager Watches was created, a founder with a dream to contribute to the improvement of education in South Africa. Living in the UK though, with two children of his own, he decided to turn his passion for mens accessories into something that makes that very contribution to this critical cause. 

DeJager Watches makes a £10 contribution per watch sold to SOSAfrica  whose work on the front line to empower disadvantaged children through education is key to bridging the inequality gap. 

SOS Africa is a grassroots South African charity which funds the education and care of disadvantaged African township children to help them break out of poverty. Their non-profit organisation breaks down barriers to learning and lowers South Africa's school dropout rates by providing holistic sponsorship to children without access to education and vital support to struggling South African schools.